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Flex Boxes let you display various types of content in 2 or 3 side-by-side boxes. They’re great for placing multiple types of content together in a horizontal row instead of vertically down a page. It’s also great for showing content from other pages on the page you’ve selected.

When you click on the Flex Boxes option, you’ll see a page that gives you a few options. You can give your Flex Boxes a Title (this is optional) and select the alignment of your Title. More importantly, you can select between 2 or 3 side-by-side boxes to display your content. Select either 2 boxes or 3 from the indicator next to Number of Boxes. If you would like to add a space between the images in your Flex Boxes, you can also choose either On or Off next to the option for Space After Images.

Adding Content

To add content to your boxes, click on the desired box. You’ll then see options for editing your Flex box. Select the type of content you want to add from the drop down box. You can select A Page, Review Quote, Gallery Image, Your Social Media, or Other Content. When you select one of these options, you’ll be prompted to select different options within your selection. Other Content features simpler options that you can add from Add New Section, including Text, Image, Title, Button, and Embed. When you select different content for your box, they will stack one on top of the other. If you’d like to rearrange the content, just click and drag up and down inside of your box.

Once you’ve made all your selections for your Flex Boxes, click Save Changes.