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Google Business Profile

By providing comprehensive management for your Google Business Profile, we keep it secure and up-to-date. We review your information, confirming that it is correct, but we don’t stop there. Our experts stay educated on any new rollouts for GB, researching how to use them to the benefit of your business listing.

We survey your listing consistently every day to ensure that all of your information is correct and no changes have been made. By adding email alerts, we are notified if any updates are made to your listing and if any new reviews are added. With this close monitoring, we stay prompt in responding to reviews, furthering interaction with your customers from your business.

Your GB listing information is used on Google Maps, which can be a great source of business. Your customers can visit your website, call your company, and get directions to your store all directly from your Google Maps listing. This drives traffic exactly where you want it to go—your business—and allows customers to have access to the correct information for your company.

Google is an essential tool for your business.

This often makes it a target for those wanting to hurt your company, whether that’s by leaving a bad review, or marking your business as permanently closed. With our GB services, you gain peace of mind that someone is consistently monitoring your information, responding to reviews, and keeping track of changes that might be suggested.