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ong>Image Library is where all of the photos that you’ve uploaded to Atwill Media are housed. To get to your Image Library, click on Admin Dashboard on the right side of your Toolbar, and then click on Image Library.

screenshot of admin dashboard

You’ll then see all of your Categories that you’ve organized your photos into, as well as a scrolling grid list that shows all of your photos. If you click on these photos, you can edit the Name and Description of your photos.

You can sift through your photos by adding a Filter to it in the dropdown menu, or you can click the Sort dropdown menu to organize your photos by different options. If you want to add new images, just click on the subdivided gray box above your image list, or drag an image into this box.

If you’d like to manage your categories, click Manage Categories. There are also options to Add Images or Delete Images at the top of the list.

screenshot of image libray