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You will use the Image Selector many times when adding and changing photos all over your website. From adding pictures to text blocks, to adding new photos to galleries, the Image Selector is a handy tool.

There are three ways to select an image from the Image Selector to use. These are represented by three tabs in the Image SelectorYour Computer, Your Images, and From Stock Photos.

From Your Computer

This option allows you to upload a new image from your computer to use on your website.

To Upload An Image:

  • Click Choose File or Browse button, depending on your web browser. This will open a window where you can navigate to the file you want to use.
  • Click on the picture you want to upload and click Open.
  • Then click Add Image and it will be added to your images.

Editing Photo Details

After uploading a photo, the Photo Detail Editor will appear. Here you can enter a Title and Description for the photo. After that is complete, your photo will be uploaded and selected for the text block or gallery you were editing.


Multi-Upload allows you to upload multiple images to your website at one time. To add multiple photos, select Choose Files, and then select multiple photos to upload by holding down the Shift key on your keyboard while at the same time clicking on each photo that you’d like to upload. When you’ve selected all your photos, you should see the number of photos your about to upload next to Choose Files. Click Add Images to upload your multiple photos.

From Your Images

This tab displays all images that have been previously uploaded by you to your site. Your Images make it easy to add photos to multiple galleries, easily select pictures to use in Text Blocks, and more. Simply click an image and click Select Image to use the image.

To Edit An Image

To edit a single photo’s title or description, go to the gallery page it is in and click the picture. This will open the Photo Detail Page for that photo. Click the Edit Button in the top right corner to edit. Click Save Changes to complete. This will change the information for that photo on all galleries in which it appears.

From Stock Photos

This tab displays all available stock images that have been provided for you to use. While these are fine for use, it’s always best to feature your own great photos.