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Logos: The Appeal to Logic

    Persuasive marketing is a fantastic strategy to use for your business. The second branch of persuasive marketing, logos, is the appeal to logic and reason. It uses statistics, facts, and figures to show why someone should logically buy what you’re promoting. It’s a great way to showcase your credibility with facts and reason.

    Pathos: The Appeal to Emotion

      The last branch of persuasive marketing is pathos. he goal of pathos is to have the audience associate specific feelings with a product or service.

      Email Marketing: How to Start a Drip Campaign

        Email marketing is a great way to communicate with your audience and generate new leads with minimal effort. One easy way to create consistent email content is to start a drip campaign!

        Social Media: What Not to Do

          There are some things that could do more harm when it comes to running a business account. We’ve put together the top 3 “what not to do” for your social media!

          The Benefits of Blogging

            Blogging is a great way to consistently reach your customers! Check out some reasons why you should incorporate blogs into your marketing strategy!

            3 Ways to Grow Your eCommerce Sales

              It doesn’t have to be hard to grow sales in the world of eCommerce. Check out these tips that make it easy to increase revenue in your business.