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Photo Gallery

You can easily add an existing Photo Gallery to any page on your website.

Under Add To Page in your Toolbar, click Media to find the Photo Gallery feature. This will bring up a window where you can select one of your site’s photo galleries to add to the page.

After you select the gallery you’d like to display, you can pick the size you’d like the images to appear under Image Display Size, as well as how many images you’d like to display. If you would like for the page to select random photos from the gallery, check the box next to “Grab random images from gallery.” Otherwise, your photos will display in the order they appear in your gallery.

There are a few other display options for the Photo Gallery widget. You can choose whether to display the gallery’s title, description, and a View More link.

When you’ve got your gallery set up the way you want, make sure to click Save Changes.

To add new photos, rename, or edit the description, see the Editing a Gallery help page.

You can rearrange photos by dragging them around.

To create a new photo gallery, click Add To Site in your Toolbar and Add A New Gallery Page. For more information, visit the Add To Site help page.

Single Photo

If you’d rather add a single photo to your page, click on the Single Photo option under Add To Page, Media.

You can either upload a new photo by clicking on Add A Photo in the Photo Block, or you can choose a previously uploaded photo from the Choose Photo option.

Type in a Photo Name and Description. These will not appear on your website, but this information will make your website look more complete for search engines, which in turn will help your visibility.

You can also choose to link this photo to an internal or external page by selecting the Link Type. If you choose to link to an internal page, select the page you’d like the photo to link to from the drop down menu. If you’d rather link to an external site, enter the appropriate URL. Click Save Changes when finished.