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Industry Insights: How Do I Attract More Customers To My Towing Business?

    Industry Insights Towing

    The towing industry is an important one. After all, without tow trucks, how would people ever get their car to a shop for repairs after breaking down on the side of the road?

    But if no one knows your towing company exists, then how are they going to find you when they need serious help on the side of the road?

    Traditional forms of advertising and word-of-mouth recommendations are great, but they don’t always get the job done in today’s tech-reliant world. You need to look into getting your business online if you want to succeed in attracting customers to your business.

    But where do you begin when it comes to getting your business online? Here are a few tips that can help you attract more customers to your towing business.

    Most people in the towing business don’t realize this, but a website is more important for their industry than they think.

    Think about it this way: before smartphones came around in the mid 2000s, people had to rely on phone books or word-of-mouth information if they needed to call a tow truck to have their car picked up.

    But, nowadays, whenever your car breaks down on the side of the road, you can simply pull out your smartphone, search Google for “towing companies near me,” find a link to the companies website, and get some helpful information online to get your car towed.

    And that is what most people are going to do these days. They won’t look for a number listed in a phone book; they will search for your business online. If you don’t have a website or any sort of online presence, then forget about getting a call from them.

    Atwill Media are experts at making websites for those in the towing industry. We give you all the tools that your customers are interested in, such as a quick info bar for easy access to your contact information.

    Check out some of the websites we’ve done for other towing companies.

    See Towing Websites »

    Are you using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any of the other major social media platforms?

    Social media is where people go when they want to connect and interact with their friends, their family and, yes, even businesses.

    Believe it or not, social media is also a great marketing tool for towing companies to take advantage of. We’ve seen many towing businesses use Facebook and Instagram to promote themselves to their customers.

    Whether it’s raising money for a charity that they’ve partnered with, or showing off pics of their awesome towing rigs, social media can be a great tool for any towing company.

    Not only is it great for connecting with your customers, it’s also another place that you can list all of your important contact information, such as your telephone number, your business address, and your website URL.

    Google is one of the top search engines in the world. People use it every day to find the services they need, and the products they are looking to buy.

    When customers are looking to find towing services, they are looking for towing companies that are the nearest to them, with great reviews and great prices.

    Unless you are using great SEO techniques and correct meta information, you are going to have a tough time getting ranked high in Google Search results when people search for things like “towing companies near me” or “roadside assistance.”

    One of the ways that Atwill Media helps our customers improve their Google rankings is through the content, meta information, and Google My Business assistance we offer with every new website that we create.

    We build our towing websites to be mobile responsive and fast. We also write the content for your website to include keywords that help you to get found when people search online.

    For more info on how Google works, and what steps you can take to increase your ranking (in addition to having a website with us), check out this quick and informative blog post.

    Getting found by customers online is one of the key components of earning more business and more happy customers.

    Need some more info about what Atwill Media can do for your business? Click the link below and let us help you build a better business!

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