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Logos: The Appeal to Logic

    Logos The Appeal to Logic

    Persuasive marketing is a fantastic strategy to use for your business. The second branch of persuasive marketing, logos, is the appeal to logic and reason. It uses statistics, facts, and figures to show why someone should logically buy what you’re promoting. It’s a great way to showcase your credibility with facts and reason.

    Let’s look at some examples of brands using logos:

    Progressive, Shopping for Car Insurance

    Progressive is a great example when it comes to using logos in advertising. In this particular ad, Flo is helping a woman shop for car insurance. She answers the age-old question, “Am I paying too much?” They address this by showcasing a comparison of Progressive against other car insurance companies, like State Farm and Allstate, showing exactly how much money they saved a customer. This comparison shows that it’s only logical someone would want to pay less and that Progressive is “making sure you get a great deal.”

    Verizon, Ranked #1

    Verizon has been using logos in their ads for a while, and this one is no different. In this commercial, Verizon gives all of the answers as to why people choose them. They provide facts and statistics, like the fact they were ranked number 1 in overall network performance by RootMetrics. These awards and study results give credibility to their brand and the services they provide. It also shows that they are, logically, the best and the one you can rely on.

    Bounty Paper Towels, Chopsticks

    Bounty does a fantastic job of showcasing how great their paper towels are. The commercial features everyday accidents that happen, like dropping food and spilling something. It also shows how easy it is to clean up those messes with Bounty Paper Towels. They promote their credibility by comparing themselves to the leading ordinary brand and claiming that their paper towel is 2 times more absorbent.

    Logos is an excellent tool to use when promoting your business. It can build your credibility and show your customers why they should choose you.

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