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Make The Last Hour Of Work Productive With These 5 Steps

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    Let’s face it, the last hour of work is basically the time where you do minimal work, goof off a little, talk to coworkers, and maybe surf around on the Internet. It’s typically one of the least productive hours of the work day.

    Conversely, during the morning, people usually have their most productive hours. Your brain is refreshed (after a couple of cups of coffee, of course) and you’re ready to get your day started. So, the question is, how can you make your last hour of work productive as well? Check out these tips.

    Be sure to check your work email during that last hour of work. Someone could’ve sent you an important message that needs your immediate attention before you leave work that day. You never know what’s going to be sent to you, and if you ignore your email during that last hour of work, it could lead to some unintended consequences.

    If you’ve finished all of your tasks, don’t pack up early; check out tomorrow’s to do list! Not only will you know what you need to prepare for when you come to work in the morning, but you’ll also be able to start working right away, instead of spending unnecessary time looking for your project planner, and seeing what needs to be worked on.

    This step goes along with going over tomorrow’s to-do list. Once you figure out what you’ll be working on tomorrow, try to figure out if there are certain things that need to be prioritized above other tasks. Posting that important article on your blog should be at the top, but talking to your coworkers about last nights episode of Game of Thrones can probably wait.

    Did you accomplish everything you wanted to accomplish today? Maybe, but maybe not. There’s always that one task that we end up pushing aside until the last minute. If that sounds like you, then maybe spend your last hour at work attempting to finish that task, or, at least, get a head start on it for tomorrow.

    After you’ve finished going through every other task on your list of things to do before leaving work, be sure to check your email one more time before clocking out. Some things can wait until tomorrow morning, but there’s always a chance that an urgent email could be sent at the last minute.

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