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To find Manage Customer Reviews, click on Site Tools (wrench icon) on your toolbar, and then click on Manager Customer Reviews from the list of options.

This feature allows you to moderate reviews submitted to your website. Reviews are separated according to their status — Unmoderated, Displayed, and Not Displayed.

Unmoderated reviews are those that have been submitted, but no yet approved (Displayed) or rejected (Not Displayed). You can see reviews in each status by selecting the tab for a particular status.

screenshot of site tools

To approve a review click on the Unmoderated tab. Find the review you want to approve and click the Display button. This will instantly move the review into Displayed Status, which will cause it to appear on the Reviews page of your website. You can feature an approved review on any page of your website by using the Review Quote content box, from the Add To Page menu.

screenshot of approving reviews

To prevent a review from displaying, click on the Unmoderated Tab. Then find the review you want to hide, and click the Not Displayed button. This will instantly move the review into Not Displayed status and it will not appear on the Reviews page of your website.

To change the status of a review click on the current status tab of the review. Now simply change the status by clicking on the appropriate button. This change will occur instantly.

To leave the Manage Customer Reviews section, select Close to go back to Site Tools.