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Meta Title

The Meta Title of a page is different than the page name. The Meta Title is what appears at the very top of your browser. The Meta Title text is also used as the link when this page is found through search engines, such as Google. For best results, keep your title under 70 characters.

For best results, choose a Meta Title that includes the main keyword used on the page and some company details, such as Wedding Cakes in Dallas, Texas by Cakes & More, Inc.

Meta Description

The Meta Description is a general description of the current page. This is used by search engines and displayed as your page’s description to users when they find your page through search results, like on Google or Bing. For best results, keep it under 170 characters.

Meta Keywords

Meta Keywords is a list of keywords that identify what this page is related to. This information is used by search engines to help searchers find your site.

It’s best to choose words that relate specifically to what this page is about. A page about cupcakes might include keywords like cupcakes, cakes, catering, bakery, desserts, etc. Don’t forget your company name and city, state details, as well!