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Social Media: What Not to Do

    Social Media What Not To Do

    We’ve shared tips and tricks for what you should do when it comes to improving your business social media, but it’s also important to talk about what you shouldn’t do. There is a lot of flexibility with social media, and when it’s used the right way it can be a great tool for creating brand awareness and developing customer relationships. However there are some things that could do more harm than good when it comes to running a business account. To help you avoid those mistakes, we’ve put together the top 3 “what not to do” for your business social media!

    This one can be confusing, but posting too often can actually have a negative effect on your social media. Posting multiple times a day is fine for more fast-paced social platforms like X or even Facebook, but on platforms like LinkedIn more than one post a day can lead to competing with yourself. We recommend starting with 3-5 posts a week on most platforms, and increasing your posts per day or week if you get a good engagement from your followers. It’s important to note this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t post on social media regularly. Even if you get little to no reaction, an updated social media feed can help boost your SEO and show potential customers your latest products or services.

    Customers appreciate interaction on social media. Being responsive shows you care about your business. While it’s easy to respond to positive reviews or comments on posts, negative comments also deserve a response. How you handle these comments can further emphasize how much you care about your business and your customers. It’s also a very public way for people to see your customer service in action. We suggest being honest with your response, and then reaching out to the commenter directly to privately handle the issue. Remember, how you respond is a direct reflection of your business, so keep your cool and try not to take it too personally! 

    The great thing about social media content is you don’t have to be so professional. You can have a little fun and give your customers a taste of your personality! A few easy ways to do this include participating in business-appropriate trends, giving a behind-the-scenes look with videos of what you do, and answering FAQs or introducing your employees. Speaking of videos, don’t be afraid to switch up the kind of content you post. Video is the most popular form of social media content right now, and you can incorporate it in a number of ways. Even though there’s a lot of freedom with social media content, you want to avoid sharing something irrelevant to your brand. Your business page is not the place to post your personal opinions, so save those for your private accounts.

    Following these tips can help you get the most out of your social media experience! If you need an idea for new social media content, we’ve got a blog that can help here.

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