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3 Ways to Grow Your eCommerce Sales

    It doesn’t have to be hard to grow sales in the world of eCommerce. Check out these tips that make it easy to increase revenue in your business.

    The Benefits of Blogging

      Blogging is a great way to consistently reach your customers! Check out some reasons why you should incorporate blogs into your marketing strategy!

      Social Media: What Not to Do

        There are some things that could do more harm when it comes to running a business account. We’ve put together the top 3 “what not to do” for your social media!

        Email Marketing: How to Start a Drip Campaign

          Email marketing is a great way to communicate with your audience and generate new leads with minimal effort. One easy way to create consistent email content is to start a drip campaign!

          Get the Most out of User-Generated Content

            UGC is what the name suggests; content that is generated, or created, by users of a brand, product, or service. As far as the type of content, the limit does not exist. UGC comes in all forms. From tweets or Google reviews to videos or blogs, consumers have numerous creative outlets to express their opinions on your business. What you need to do as a business is figure out what format works best for your marketing strategy. 

            January’s Top Websites 2023

              January’s Top Website picks are here! Atwill Media can help any business create a custom website that highlights what makes it unique! Just look at what we can do. 

              Popular Types of Social Media Content: And How to Use Them

                Social media is a great way to connect with customers and market your business at the same time. Real and authentic communication seems to be what consumers are looking for, but how do you engage with them in a way that’s productive?

                The Key to Brand Consistency

                  From the font you use to the products and services you offer, it’s important to make sure your branding is cohesive on all fronts. So how do you do that? Consistency is the key.