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Your Editing Tools (located under Site Tools on the right side of your Toolbar) is where you can manage information and features that affect your entire site.

Page Options, located on the left side of the Toolbar, allow you to set options for the current page you are on. After editing the information, click Save Changes to save the changes or Cancel to discard the changes.

By clicking Add To Page, located on the far left side of your Toolbar, you can add many types of content to your current pages, such as a block of text or a photo gallery.






Use galleries to display photos throughout your website. Each photo gallery can have a title, description and as many photos as you want. To add a new photo gallery, click on Add To Site on your Toolbar and select Add A New Gallery Page. You will be prompted to enter the page’s Meta Info. Click Save Changes when finished.

The Photo Gallery

The main photo gallery page on your website displays a list and preview of all the galleries you have created. Each gallery is represented by its title, description and a row of sample images. Visitors can click on a photo gallery’s title to be taken to its individual gallery page. If a visitor clicks on a single image, they open that picture’s detail page.

Individual Photo Galleries

Each individual photo gallery gets its own page. These pages are listed in a drop-down list when you mouse over the main photo gallery page on your website’s navigation menu. They also show up as a preview on the photo gallery page. Each photo gallery has a title, description, and as many pictures as you want to add.

Photo Detail Pages

The photo detail page shows the photo at full-size, as well as the photo’s title and description. Visitors can click the next or previous arrows to navigate through the photo gallery. They can also jump to a specific photo by selecting it from the gallery thumbnail list displayed below the photo.

Access your personal information by logging into your website and accessing the Admin Dashboard.